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Thursday, January 20, 2011

pseudo before and after (11 weeks) pics...but not really :)

Okay, so I keep getting hounded about posting some pictures, but the truth is that I am really not used to letting anyone take my picture.  In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of snapshots that actually contain me, and none of those were with my consent (or at least I was grumpy about it).  So I have a couple of before pictures from this past fall and then a couple that I shot last night (sans make-up and everything).  They are only pics of my face because I couldn't get any of them to turn out right while using the mirror and it was just plain bizarre anyway.  I don't know if my face looks thinner yet; if it does, I certainly cannot tell.  But at least these first pics are a start.   I am going to make an effort to take more pictures to document this journey, at least for my own benefit.  I just hope it will start to come more naturally in time...(this feels really weird, I gotta say).

Weight loss between the before pics and now is 49 pounds (as of 3 days ago).  :)