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Friday, January 29, 2010

Oklahoma Blizzard 2010 (pics)

What a gorgeous scene outside!  It finally started snowing, so I had to go outside and snap some quick pics.  I never moved from the front step and I was freezing, which might have had something to do with the fact that I was in my nightgown and socks.  But I am thinking I might brave it again later, if I ever get dressed today.  But since I work at home, it's really hard to get motivated to do that most days.  However, I love taking pictures enough to make me put on some clothes and get back out there.  

God, I love real winter (and I say "real" because if you know anything about Oklahoma, you know our idea of cold is anything below 65...ridiculous).  John and I have always said we wanted to move up north when the kids are gone, but since he got that motorcycle, he has changed his mind.  This could lead to either; (a) a divorce; or (b) a terrible "accident" happening to his bike.  But that's another entire blog entry...



  1. Oh com'on Kiddo, you love the bike too! You know there are places in this wonderful country where both of you could be happy regarding the weather....at least you two are in agreement about the hot and the cold.....which is quite different from you know who.

  2. Just bring the bike to Colorado! It's lovely to ride here 3 seasons of the year! Some idiots try in winter, but the local insurance agents don't recommend it!