Whew, took a while to stop laughing. Oh wait...BWAHAHAHAHAHA...*sniff* Okay, I think I'm done now.

So yo, something you might want to know...I don't know a single person who likes the Saints, and I don't live anywhere near Indiana. In fact, everyone pretty much almost feels pity for people so lacking in intelligence that they continue to live below sea level when they have been warned hundreds of times that there will be a hurricane. Not to mention the absolutely corrupt state and local government you have elected to serve you...who spent the money they were supposed to be using to shore up the levee, etc. And that doesn't even include all the devout people like myself who know that NO is just a blasphemy against ANYTHING religious or Christian. What other place has taken a religious holiday and turned it into a time for having sex out in the streets with strangers? None I can think of. Saints?? God knows better.

So go ahead and continue believing all of America loves you and isn't thinking you are a town full of, well, I'll just stop here. But wait, one more thing...