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Friday, November 19, 2010

first postoperative check-in with Dr. G.

First time on a scale since before surgery and I'm down 25 pounds.  Hooray!  If I weren't feeling so tired today, I would be even more excited.  I don't know why, but I just cannot seem to get the fog to clear from my brain this afternoon.  The nurse at Dr. G's office told me it's probably because I am having trouble getting in all my protein, and she may be right.  But I did manage to get at least 65 grams in on Wednesday and Thursday, so I'm getting better.  I must admit that it is MUCH more difficult than I ever imagined.  I have almost decided that the people who do manage to get in all their protein and all their water must not sleep at night.  Using the full 24 hours is about the only way I can figure they are doing it.  The pouch only holds a tiny amount and it takes a long time to eat.  So there's no time or room for anything but protein.  Since we aren't allowed to drink anything at all from 30 minutes before a meal until 30 minutes after, you can see how getting 64 ounces of fluids in a day gets to be a little tricky.  

Ah well, I am not complaining.  I will work through it and do my best, just like the hundreds of thousands of other people before me.  I have been extremely fortunate, indeed, as I have had no complications whatsoever thus far and I feel really great most of the time.  No trouble with any foods I've tried, no feelings of nausea or unease in the GI tract, no unexpected pain, nada.  

So yeah, I'm pretty pleased with 25 pounds in 22 days.  The loss won't stay at such a high rate for long, nor do I want it to.  If there's only one lesson I've learned in my 20 years of struggle with weight fluctuation it is that the faster you lose it, the faster you find it again.  I know that with a pouch so small, my chances are much improved this time around...but still, I'd rather lose it slowly. 

Thanks so much to my friends and family for your thoughts and prayers.  I know God heard you and I am thankful He has made this such a breeze thus far.  I will remember you in my prayers, too, and my thanks to God for you and your faith and friendship.  

Love to you all :)

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  1. Yes, praise God! You are truly blessed!