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Sunday, November 7, 2010

looking forward to cottage cheese!!!

Yes, that's what I said.  COTTAGE CHEESE!!  Beginning exactly 2 weeks after surgery, I finally get to try some solid food.  I've been on liquids since 4 days prior to surgery, which makes it about day 11 now, and I'm ready to try chewing something.  Anything.  John had a cheeseburger last night while running errands and he smelled so good when he got home that I actually licked his hand.  I won't even tell you what he said after that about his future food endeavors relating to his anatomy, but suffice it to say that I giggled until I had to smack him upside the head because laughing hurts.

One of my favorite meals just happens to be cottage cheese and applesauce together.  I am praying my tastes haven't changed so much that I won't like it anymore because it will be really disappointing after all the drooling I'm going to be doing this week while counting down to next Monday.  I can also have sugar-free pudding, which I am thrilled about because I can put my protein powders in those and be able to avoid at least a few shakes here and there.

But protein shakes and vitamins will be part of my life until I die.  There is no negotiation on this point; my life and health depend upon it.   Having done Medifast and lost nearly all my hair a few years ago, it is a lesson I need not learn again.  Quit taking protein powder/shakes (70 grams per day) and hair loss will be just the beginning of one's problems after WLS.  Right now my vitamins are roughly the size of tennis balls and take me forever to get through, but I am hoping I can find some liquid type in future.  

But back to the cottage cheese.  I am literally drooling over it at this moment.  John said he would make me some beef broth for lunch, but he's into some game now and I'm obviously going to have to pretend to get out of bed so he will freak out and go do it.  I try to tell him I am supposed to be up and moving every hour, as much as I can tolerate, but he still hates for me to get up for any reason.  I finally talked him into helping me shower this morning and that was about all he could handle for stress.  I must admit, though, I am still so weak (I can only assume from lack of food) that the shower was absolutely exhausting and I am still recovering from it.  But the important thing is that I now smell good again.  And while we're on the TMI front, I really, desperately need to shave my legs but John absolutely freaks out if I mention it and he forbids it.  Since he is still giving me Lovenox (blood thinner) injections in my belly every morning, I really don't want to be cut because I'm not sure I would stop bleeding at this point.  So I have really hairy legs.  And I don't care for it much.

Enough information for ya??  :)


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  1. Time to go for a waxing!

    I actually chewed roast once and spat it out just to get the taste of food! :))) Now that's desperate. Because of so many complications I was about 4-5 weeks behind in eating.

    Weakness- anesthesia and inactivity. Drink water and do isometric exercise - flex your muscles and hold them taunt for 5-10 seconds, relax, do it again. It helps! Deep breathing too. Getting oxygen in your system helps detox your body.

    Hang in there! Oh, your hair - protein!!!!! I still lost most of mine. Clean gently and style as little as possible. Be kind to your hair - it's gorgeous.