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Monday, March 21, 2011

pedicure + new shoes = happy me

Last week was a little disappointing, but it was good for at least one thing...proving that the scale really isn't always the best way to measure weight-loss success. When I weighed in last Monday morning, I had actually gained 2 pounds. But I knew that had to be just my body adjusting to changes in weather, water weight, etc. I usually gain at least a few pounds during the usual monthly cycle, but I couldn't even chalk it up to that reason. So I just hopped off the scale and went clothes shopping in the spirit of "Ha! I'll show you, you idiot scale!" and discovered I went down another dress size and a little more. It was great therapy and helped reenforce the concept (in my head) that sometimes the scale is not the best way to quantify weight loss and I should not give it the power to ruin what might turn out to be a perfectly wonderful day.

So if that same scale is to be believed today, I lost another 2 pounds for a total of 70.5 thus far. I have also discovered that my tastes in clothing have changed a little since I was last in this size and I let myself buy a few outfits. I am trying, though, to keep it under control and wear what I already have. I will be heading out to my consignment shop in a bit to drop off another load of clothes, so the room is getting better, little by little. Now if only I could end my torrid love affair with shoes...(But seriously, I mean, how can I be blamed for my love of shoes!?  Shoes don't judge, they never get tighter, they NEVER make my ass look the size of Brazil, and they always make me happy and brighten my day, especially after a great pedicure with some flowers on the toenails.  Just sayin')



  1. Like your analysis about the shoes - lol

  2. I dropped a shoe size when I lost weight. A great excuse to buy more! Like I needed an excuse!