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Monday, February 7, 2011

14 weeks out...

Just over three months postop and the scale says down 56 pounds this morning.  Almost half-way, woo-hoo!!  Still struggling to get in the protein, but I'm doing a little better every week.  If only someone would make a protein pill, or just anything besides the shakes and bars.  Just typing that last line made me start to gag a little, and I'm not kidding.  

Assuming it ever gets here, I am going to attempt Zumba fitness.  I ordered it over a week ago, but it got lost in transit (guessing it is on one of those UPS trucks we saw stuck in the snow this past week) and I had to re-order, so I got a little reprieve.  I am sure it will kick my butt, but I'm going to at least try it.  If I don't post here anymore, you will know I didn't survive it.  :)

These pics were actually taken 2 weeks ago (or 7 pounds ago), but they are the most recent that I have.  Thanks to you all for the wonderfully-encouraging messages and notes.  They really do help; I feel like I have my own little cheering section.  I love it, and I appreciate it more than you know.  

I didn't think I could see the weight loss in my face, but then I found this copy of my driver's license (taken May 2010) and I decided I can see it :)  I suppose I will always have chubby cheeks, but at least they are getting less chubby.

Enjoy the next mini-blizzard coming our way.  And I never thought I'd EVER say this, but I'm ready for the snow to stop!!!  I am suffering withdrawals from Chloe and I need a fix.  Take care everyone, and be safe. 


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  1. Enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your progress. Dad said your weight-loss is very noticeable now. We are so very happy for you, because we know you will be happier, and as a parent yourself you know that a happy child makes the parent happy. Keep up the protein intake and of course the water intake - would be a shame to be skinny and sick! Know that we love you very much.