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Monday, February 14, 2011

another Monday, another few pounds...

It's Valentine's Day!  Or, as one of my FB friends put it this morning, Single's Awareness Day!!  (thanks, Katie) =]  I'm not really sure why this day deserved exclamation points, but it just looked sad with a period.  I don't get really excited about this day, and it's not because the new has worn off or because we've been together for the last 23 of these holidays.  I think it's because I am lucky enough to be married to someone who treats me as if every single day is Valentine's Day.  Not with gifts or cards or chocolates, but with small things that mean so much more; going to get me Sonic iced tea before work because he knows I love it...shoveling all the snow out of the driveway and street so I could pull the Camaro out without having to worry...bringing me flowers for no reason at all...being willing to go just about anywhere, anytime of the day or night if I want or need something...doing little things just because he knows they will bring me happiness.  And so, yes, maybe this particular holiday isn't as exciting as it could be.  But I would rather have the 23 years of daily little things than an annual chocolates/flowers/teddy bear day. 

So today marks 15 weeks since this journey began and another 3 pounds since last week.  That brings my total to 59 pounds thus far, with about 60-65 more to go.  I am making a point to take at least one picture every week now (even if they are just snapshots in the powder room because we don't have a full-length mirror).  Yesterday was a happy day, as I finally tried on some old favorite pants and they fit. I totally wasn't expecting that yet and it made my day.  If I were disciplined enough, I would probably be able to lose all the way down to my goal without buying any clothes at all; that's how many tubs of clothing I have in various sizes.   It's insane, really.

Hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day and enjoys time with the one who brings them happiness.

Have I mentioned that I love my car?


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  1. That's my Girl!!!! I am so proud of you and so happy for you! And maybe just a little jealous as well.