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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

almost 8 months out now...

Well, Spencer is officially enrolled at OSU now, and I'm thrilled for him.  We went down there Monday for freshman orientation/enrollment and it was great to see that wonderful place again.  It has changed to the point that it's hardly recognizable from when I was there.  It seems to me that the campus has doubled in size, and the residence halls are nothing like I remember.  Spencer (and 3 roomies) will be living in a four-bedroom suite thing with 2 baths and living area, etc., all furnished.  It's like an apartment and nothing like the old dorms used to be.  Just amazing.  And so begins his life as an aeronautical and mechanical engineer.  I am so proud.  

I attended my second Cubs game last weekend in KC and it was great.  I have been to 2 games now and the Cubs won both, so I'm 2 for 2.  Then we went to the Kansas Speedway and rode for a few laps in a NASCAR car.  It was awesome, although my Dad, during his turn, asked the driver "is this as fast as this thing will go?"  He also seemed disappointed that he didn't end up in the wall or something.  Men.

So I've lost another 4 pounds, bringing my total to 94.  Still feeling great and enjoying the changes.  Spencer told me I was nearly unrecognizable on the back of John's bike a few days ago, which I take as a good thing.  The bike certainly has a lot more room for me now and is much more comfortable to ride!! 


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