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Monday, August 1, 2011

What does 100 pounds look like? (okay, technically 103...)

I haven't posted in a while because: (a) There's been a lot of stuff going on around here, and (b) I wanted to wait until I hit the century mark before posting again.  Because I'm writing now, you can probably already guess my weight loss so far...I did hit 100 pounds and am now at 103 total.  I just needed to lose 1 more at my weigh-in this morning to make it to 100, but instead I lost 4 more.  It's weird how the body holds on to weight and then lets it go all of a sudden (with no change in diet or exercise or whatever).  In any event, I am thrilled to report that at exactly 9 months out, I am now down 103 pounds.  I feel great physically.  I still have mental hang-ups from time to time.  The week before last, which shall be referred to as b.s.a. (before Spencer's accident) I felt really fat and it didn't matter how many times I looked in the mirror or thought about the size I am wearing now.  I just felt like I had this huge muffin top no matter what pair of shorts or pants I wore and I couldn't talk my mind into believing what the mirror was telling me.  Isn't that bizarre?  I mean, I am still overweight and I do still have love handles, of course, but I just couldn't see the glass as half full that week.  Fortunately that doesn't happen all that often and I am usually able to see myself as I really am now instead of what my mind was used to seeing for the last several years.

So Spencer was discharged from the hospital last Tuesday and we are still in the middle of dressing changes, healing and scabbing, etc.  He goes this week for his followup visit with the trauma surgeon and hopefully we will hear that he is healing at the appropriate rate.  I am just praying that he will be healed enough to be able to move down to Stillwater and start classes in a couple of weeks without any delays or problems.  But again, he is fortunate to be alive and when I get stressed about hospital bills, school, insurance claims, etc., I try to just focus on his being alive, having no broken bones and not a scratch to his head, and somehow I feel a little better about the whole thing.  Of course, I'm not the one going through the shower scrubbings and dressing changes...

New job now with great hours (WOOT!!) so gotta get the day started.  Thanks and much love to all of you who actually read this rather pathetic little blog and send me encouraging notes.  You are much, much more appreciated than you can probably understand.  :)

What does 100 pounds look like?  Here are some of the pics I've taken along the weigh :)


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