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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

post-Vegas post :)

Just got home in the wee hours on Sunday morning from our trip to Vegas and happy to say it was a great time.  Las Vegas is not one of those places that I would choose to go normally, but it was basically a free trip so there you go.  It is still the freakshow that I remember, and I am convinced that there is no need to waste money on tickets to any show in Vegas because you can simply sit on the side of the strip and watch the people go by for free.  It's way more entertaining than anything I've ever seen, and you can gather freakshow material for nigh on eternity there.  My thoughts on the entire city can be summed up thus:  What happens in Vegas (or visits or lives there or whatever) should stay in Vegas and never, ever leave.  Please.

As of yesterday morning (missed the last Monday weigh-in because I forgot, if you can believe it!) I am down another few pounds for a total of 88.  But the best part is that I am officially in Onederland now and just happy the scale readout begins with a 1 instead of a 2. 


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